Breast Enhancement Creams

Do Breast Enhancement Creams Actually Work?
Women who are dealing with small breasts often wonder if they can use a breast enhancer cream or a pill in order to make their chest larger. They see advertisements in magazines and on television that promises that simply by using the product, a woman will be able to make her chest grow larger without any plastic surgery necessary. But do products like this really work?

How They Work

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Herbal products that promise chest enlargement can actually work, as long as you find one that is designed to work well. They work in one of two ways: first either by putting a fake estrogen into the body or by stimulating the estrogen that is already in the body into working overtime, more or less. The herbal creams that use a fake estrogen are still all herbal, even though it may not sound like it. There are many herbal ingredients that are able to mimic estrogen and are much like a fake estrogen. They work by putting the herb into the tissue, which makes the tissue expand and grow and gives a woman the size of chest she has been hoping to achieve, only without any plastic surgery or pain.


Stimulating Creams

There are some breast enhancement creams that are designed to stimulate the estrogen in the body, not to replace it. Every woman has estrogen in their body. It is estrogen that causes a woman to be able to have her period and that causes her to go through menopause. Estrogen is very important, especially when a woman is pregnant, and is why a woman's bust grows larger once she is expecting a baby. The chest, however, will go down once the child is born and the mother isn't breastfeeding because the estrogen drops down from its accelerated level back to what it normally is, causing the chest to shrink.
A stimulating breast enhancement cream works exactly the same as one that has fake estrogen in it, causing the chest to grow larger without a woman having to do anything directly to it. Many women realize, once they've used a cream, exactly what size their chest should be, as the cream allows the body to help the chest to grow to the size that is proportionate to the body without adding anything to the body that isn't natural.


So to answer the question that every woman has after seeing a commercial that swears that a woman can gain breast mass simply by using an herbal cream, yes, creams and pills that are made to help stimulate the chest into growing can absolutely work, as long as a woman makes sure she chooses the right mixture. Once the ideal product is found, success is possible.
The best results from using the cream as been to use it in conjunction with a breast enhancement capsule.


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