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This Month's Article
"Kegel Exercises"

If you want a really good sex life, you can (and should) do Kegel exercises regularly, whether you have given birth or not and regardless of your age.
There are several benefits for a woman to exercise her vagina:
This will:
...make it easier for you to reach orgasm.
...make your orgasms stronger/better as the muscles you're exercising are the same as used during orgasm.
...make your vagina more sensitive (you'll feel more). When squeezing you'll feel your partner much better inside. It will simply heighten your sexual satisfaction.
...prevent prolapse and incontinence.
...make childbirth easier and your muscles will regain more quickly after the birth.
- For your husband it will be a tremendous difference. You will get tighter. You can pull and squeeze your partner's penis.
- Men prefer women with a strong vagina (to many men it's more important that his lover has a strong vagina than having a perfect body). In some cultures women exercise their vaginal strength in order to help them keep their future/present husband.
- You can be proud of your vaginal strength (just like one can be proud of one's body).
- The woman will get more control in bed. Many women enjoy that and think it's fun.

It's very simple.
The easiest way to exercise is simply to contract the vagina, then relax.
Repeat 20-400(depending on your strength) times/day.

As well as being simple to do, the exercises only take some minutes each day.
And unlike other exercises (like jogging, swimming, strength training, etc.),
you don't even have to take a shower afterwards, and the results are very

When exercising you should not use your stomach, leg, back or buttock muscles.
Breathe slowly and deeply.
Put your hand on your stomach when you squeeze your pelvic muscle.
If you feel your abdominal muscles move, then you are also using these
muscles. Your leg and buttocks muscles should not move.

There's also gadgets like vaginal cones to help women locate and exercise
the right muscles.

As no one can tell that you're exercising, you can do the exercises anywhere,
anytime. On the bus, when walking, watching TV, lying down, driving a car,
sitting, during sexual intercourse (tighten your pelvic muscles to grip your partner's
penis and then relax), while brushing your teeth, at work, standing in line at the ATM,
waiting for an elevator, whenever a telephone operator puts you on hold, when jogging,
make a habit of doing some contractions every time you take a look at a watch, every
morning when you get out of bed, etc.
If you already have a daily exercise program for your body, you can do the Kegel
exercises as a part of that program.
Unfortunately, some women, even though they take interest in their body and exercise
(by jogging, swimming or slimming) in order to get fit (either for health reasons or to
become more attractive), seem to care only for the 'outside', often neglecting that it is
equally important to exercise (by doing Kegels) the 'inside' both for attractiveness and
health reasons). Actually, when it comes to attractiveness, the inside may be even more
important than the outside, as many men prefer a woman who has good control of her
vagina to a woman with a perfect body. That's positive as it's easier to exercise the
vagina than it is to get a perfect body. For best results, you must exercise faithfully. The muscles won't increase in
strength overnight. Most women will notice changes after just three weeks.

When exercising your vagina, it should not feel as if your anus is tensing too.
It may be hard to tighten the vagina separately, but when you've exercised
for some time, you should be able to feel the difference between these muscles.
Don't worry if you can't contract them separately, though. It's not *that* important.

Some women, who have talent and take interest in their vaginal strength, can
become expert in using their muscles in sex to *greatly* enhance the sexual